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When you support Manjm, you help to preserve our presence, and our existing projects, as a safe haven where artists thrive and community is built. You also help Manjm to identify and advance new projects and creative ideas. Your support allows us to work closely with a broad and diverse range of community partners, civic leaders, and arts and cultural institutions to ensure that we will be partners in developing projects that put artists at the heart of positive, sustainable community development, to develop meaningful art projects and engage with the public on several levels.

Please support us to maintain this positive momentum — and unleash an autonomous zone where we can change culture within — by making a gift to Manjm.

To make a contribution:

To Manjm Bank Account:

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Volunteer with us

Want to have fun while learning valuable job and life skills? Become a Manjm Volunteer!

Manjm's work is supported by volunteers, who are core part of our team. We are looking for creative and driven people to join our small but outstanding team and help us tell vital stories to our audiences. We believe in the power of art to change the world and we approach each project as a revolutionary social and philosophical campaign. If you are hungry for challenges beyond your wildest imagination and rewards that stretch far into the distant future, you should join us!

You can also volunteer during special events, specific programs, and during all public opening hours. As a volunteer you will build leadership skills, learn how to work as a team, make new friends and enter the world of fun and creation!